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Restaurant & Bar

Marlo Table

To the sun as it rises from the olive trees
It welcomes its guests in all its splendor.
sea blue and green
from Lesbos to Ida

It's so red, so enchanting to sink the day
And it goes on, when it gets dark
To the ointment in the glasses to shine
the sea's collar

In a sustainable life, we make our own bread and collect greens from our garden.
We grow it ourselves, we cook it ourselves.

We offer our dough from sourdough, our jams from dal, our yoghurt from our farm, our eggs from our chickens.

Marlo Table, with its A La Carte menu, serves you in all its naturalness in nature.

Marlo Ayvalik


You are invited to a comfortable stay where the windows opening to nature meet with green and blue in the rooms and suites of different concepts, surrounded by stone walls and where wooden furniture adds color to modern architecture with its organic texture.

Please contact us so that we can offer you the best accommodation options.

Marlo Ayvalik