suite with
Private Garden

Garden view with 1 room and living room, 24 m2 terrace, 1 King Bed and 1 90*190 extra bed.

Klima, Tavan pervanesi, Kalorifer sistemi, Mini bar, Çay/Kahve setup, TV, Kasa, Telefon.





Marlo Ayvalik

suite with
Private Garden

Garden view with 1 room and living room, 24 m2 terrace, 1 King Bed and 1 90*190 extra bed.

Ceiling fan, Heating system, Mini bar, Tea/Coffee setup, TV, Safe box, Telephone.

Marlo Ayvalik Breakfast

Including breakfast

Our chefs offer a complimentary rich breakfast every morning at the Marlo Table.

Marlo Ayvalik Hotel Wifi

high speed internet

We provide uninterrupted internet service to our guests with a fast internet infrastructure.

Marlo Ayvalik Hotel Room

About the room

Panoramic bay view room is 48 m2 wide.

Marlo Ayvalik

All Rooms

You are invited to a comfortable stay where the windows opening to nature meet with green and blue in the rooms and suites of different concepts, surrounded by stone walls and where wooden furniture adds color to modern architecture with its organic texture.

Please contact us so that we can offer you the best accommodation options.

Marlo Ayvalik

Ayvalık Suite with private garden

Marlo Ayvalik Hotel offers a comfortable and comfortable holiday experience to offer an unforgettable holiday experience. luxury accommodation with its options. Garden Suite hotel room is among these options.

luxury vacation undoubtedly come to mind suite hotel rooms is coming. Marlo has three suite room options: Suite with Private Garden, Exclusive Suite with Hot Tub And Junior Garden Suite with Hot Tub.

In these suites, where Ayvalık's fascinating nature and luxury come together, guests can enjoy both comfort and dazzling views.

Ayvalik Suite garden hotel room features

Suite with Private Garden has a large room and living room so guests can move and relax in comfort. The modern and aesthetic decoration of the room is complemented by stylish furniture and tastefully selected accessories. This stylish design offers guests a peaceful atmosphere.

One of the most remarkable features of the Suite is that it has a large terrace of 24 square meters. This terrace offers guests the opportunity to watch the fascinating view of Ayvalık. With panoramic views, guests can arrange romantic dinners or enjoy a quiet coffee break.

The Garden Suite room offers a comfortable King Bed and an additional 90×190 bed. High-quality bedding ensures guests have a comfortable sleep experience. The bed arrangement can be adjusted according to the needs of the guests and allows them to spend their resting hours with maximum comfort.

Odada klima, tavan pervanesi ve kalorifer sistemi gibi imkanlar da bulunmaktadır. Mini bar, çay/kahve setup’ı, TV, kasa ve telefon gibi lüks detaylar da konukların konforunu tamamlar.

Garden Suite has a large room size. This spacious area of 48 square meters offers guests a comfortable living space. Furnished with modern and stylish furnishings, the room is tastefully arranged. Guests can experience a comfortable stay in the spacious area.

Enjoy your Ayvalik holiday

Suite with Private Garden is one of the most special accommodation options of Marlo Ayvalık Hotel. Equipped with stunning garden views, large terrace, comfortable bed and luxury amenities, this room offers guests an unforgettable holiday experience. While witnessing the natural beauties of Ayvalık, you can relax and enjoy the luxury in the Garden Suite. Enjoy the privilege of living this unique experience by making a reservation now.